GLENMARK- ELOVERA , for dry skin disorders

New Drug Approvals

Elovera extract 10% cream, Vitamin E 0.5%

Category–Locally Acting Skin Preparations


* Aqueeze adequate amount of elovera moisturizing body wash onto wet hands or wet loran and work into a creamy lather. apply it all ovr the body, keep for some time and then rinse with water.

Products Name : Elovera Moisturizing Body Wash 150ml – (Glenmark)


Elovera Cream, manufacture by Glenmark pharmaceuticals limited , is cream enriched with vitamin E and Aloe Vera. It’s a very special cream specially for treating scars and other minor pimple spots on the face.

reviews from net

My skin is very much oily hence I get these ugly Pimples very profoundly. On top of it i have the habit of bursting out the puss from these pimples. I always play it with my hands and as a result forms some very ugly scars on my face which are visible…

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